Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dreaming More Than Others Think is Practical

Fantasia and I during Disney's Dreamers Academy in January 2008.

I try to listen. I do. It's a process…learning to be still and be guided. And to trust God when he says, "When I move, you move." Which conversely means, that you're not always in motion. Sometimes you gotta chill.

I've learned that being compelled will often lead me to do what I need to do. And for those things I don't need to do, I'm not compelled to do it. I try to follow this instinct, but sometimes I ignore it. Again, it's a process.

Oftentimes we wait to do things because we want to have all of our pigeons in order, all our business just right. Which is fine, it's fine to be prepared. But the preparation can be so overwhelming that we never lift off. The successful people of the world take risks, and the very essence of a risk is that everything might not be lined up just right. After all, if everything's lined up, then it's not much of a risk, is it?

Tears welled up in my eyes during one of the final curtain calls of The Color Purple on Broadway during Christmas last year. There was Fantasia Barrino, taking her bow, and I thought, My God, this chile is on Broadway! Five minutes ago, she was a single mother and a high school dropout struggling to get by, and now this girl is thriving in the Canaan land of the theater world!

I will admit, I was skeptical and disappointed when Barrino first joined the cast. I have an appreciation and background in theater, so it doesn’t take a big name for me to see a show; I just want to see a good show. Therefore, it seemed like a sellout for the decision-makers with The Color Purple to choose a celebrity with little acting experience over the hundreds of skilled and trained actresses who had spent years perfecting the craft.

But she was great. And my emotion stemmed from witnessing the product of heart. Barrino could’ve said, what do I know about theater? Lacking the typical resume of a theater star could’ve deterred her. Yet, she must have understood that her path doesn’t have to be the same path that others have followed to reach the same destination.

It just proves that sometimes you gotta go with what you got. The Wright brothers' first plane wasn't the slickest thing, but they flew. Alexander Graham Bell's phone didn't have the clarity we have today, but it worked. Tony Starks' original Iron Man suit was a pieced-together-on-the-low hunk of metal, but it got him out of danger.

Analysis is a human trait. It's what we do to figure out what we don't understand. But God/spirit/instinct/gut is not human and doesn't require our plans and percentages. In the midst of our strategizing, we must leave room--ample room--for God's input and direction.

This is where I am.

A tight work quote (y’all know I love quotes…):

“Excellence is caring more than others think is wise,
Risking more than others think is safe,
Dreaming more than others think is practical, and
Expecting more than others think is possible.”



Anonymous said...

I like this post, ma. It's tough to know when to move. It's hard to listen to God, and to know when he's speaking to you. Especially when our own plans, and logic are in place. Ya just gotta open your ears, ask for clarity and understanding, and then *BAM*!! Like you said, "When I move you move." <-- Just like that.

~Dee Man

Delect said...

Thanks for the comment Dee.

Thing is, it's really like that---BAM! Sometimes we get caught up in thinking waiting on God is some long, weary mission. That's because we leave out the most important part, being ready. We have to be waiting AND ready, so when JC says, "Let's ride," you're mounting up.

licia31 said...

Someone once told me to "wait with expectation". I think that once we focus on God & not the situation, waiting becomes a true part of the process. I'm still learning this, but again, it's a process. Nice post!!!

Delect said...

Thanks Licia!

Yes, PROCESS is the key word, lol...