Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Still Proud

One year ago today, I stood with more than two million people in biting cold to witness the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama.  That morning Washington, D.C. surpassed Disney World as the most magical place on a Twilight Zone kind of way.  The multitudes of people were eerily quiet heading to the National Mall.  It's like everybody was in awe or disbelief, or maybe we were just taking it all in.

But human beings tend to have short memories.  We get used to things.  We're quickly jaded.  We go on about our business and our lives.  But occasionally when I see Obama on TV, I still myself, and think about the historical significance of this presidency.  I listen to his words, note his stature.

And one year later, I'm still proud.



Rose said...

I too am still proud.

torrance said...

Just finished watching the state of union address, and what can I say the brother is the real deal. Time after time ,he, if you look and listen w/o any prejudice or pre-conceived thoughts really wants what's best for this country. Also, he overstands judgment against him, still cool and collectively delivers his message with assertiveness, all the while relating w/the everyday persons concern. I can't speak for anyone else, but he's already done more for the country than he probably will ever know, helping all faces and races believe that anything is truly. Saying it loud.... He's Barrack and I'm proud!!!!!! Peace

Inner-Side-Out said...

President Obama is an excellent leader. He is imbued with leadership qualities that I find commendable. Not only do I find his governing acumen to be exemplary, his proficiency in business and compassion for humanity is honorable. Having him in the White House presents the opportunity for this Country to grow in so many ways. He is the Right President at the Right Time.

Delect said...


Yes, the man still knows how to command a room. But I tell you what, I am not jealous of his position. But he's handling everything with intelligence and grace.

Delect said...


Check you out with the vocab should be his speech writer, lol!

But yes. The right president at the right time.