Saturday, April 10, 2010

Sewing the Wild (Bank) Notes

Art by Svilen Milev

A Facebook friend posted a status a while ago I'll never forget:  “I just paid $900 to fix the old Civic so that my daughter could have it when she starts driving next year.  My wife needs $350 to pay registration for a conference.  I look forward to the  day when my money is mine.”

He's a middle-aged man with a wife and three kids.  In other words,  his money will never be his.  While his lamentation is unrealistic to the point of laughable, and could have very well been in jest, how many married men and women experience that same thought?  Here you are with more  money than you've ever had in your life, with more people grabbing at it than you've ever had in your life.  I imagine there's an occasional pang of “Man, if I had this kind of money when I was single, boy oh boy...”

Earnings typically increase with age; so for folks that marry in their mid or early twenties, by the time they set about creating serious cash, they're surrounded by responsibilities with Social Security numbers.

Which makes it kind of nice to be 28 and marriage-free right now.  In recent months I've been seduced by the success of a much needed financial paradigm shift, triggered by my own will to change. And I'm proud of myself, particularly since I did what I had to do without a husband's income. I guess this is what  Beyonce and 'nem were singing about on that Charlie's Angel track.

I adore handling my own with "just" faith in God and a measure of motivation.  If I'm so blessed to marry someday, I'll appreciate this time when I went at it solo, a time when I managed my 500 square foot palace, a chariot, and a miniature assortment of bills and investments with a reasonable amount of finesse.  A time of grown up responsibility, but also a time of indulgence with the freedom to jet-set across the world, no spousal consultation or babysitter required.

After paying off a couple credit cards, saving some dough, and buying a few stocks, I'm buzzed in a way Cabernet can't do me.  And well, I wouldn't mind doing this for a while.  Just me.

So to minimize the possibility of ending up like my woeful Facebook friend, I gotta do it, do it, do it till I'm satisfied.


Delect said...

Okay, so I just posted this piece and I'm like, how many times have I written about this, the whole "doing my own thing" thing? I mean, goodness, reading the Connect, someone would think I'm anti marriage and kids. Which is, for the record, untrue!

Also, for the record, I have a mucho wonderfulo boyfriend. Therefore, I'm not single in the non-relationship since of the term. However, my boyfriend is not a sugar daddy (unfortunately...j/k!). So for all intents and purposes of writing about my financial/living alone highs and lows; I'm single.

Sigh. I feel better now.

Rose said...

:-) Congrats on the financial paradigm shift. You deserve it!

We need to do lunch one day. I love our talks. Miss them.

Delect said...

Thank you sweetie! We must do lunch really soon.