Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Moody Music

During a recent long solo road trip, I rediscovered a mixed CD I created a while back entitled “Crazy,” laced with songs for those moments that can be described as just that. Not wild crazy or straitjacket crazy, but "this sucks" crazy.

And when one of those gray moments materializes, when I’m feeling like a pitiful, pathetic fool, I like to roll around in it for a while. Let the gloom marinate. Not long...maybe an hour or an afternoon. It's therapeutic, like a good cry.

This is me-against-the-world music. Brooding music. Ignore the phone, turn up the volume, ride around town, and burn-up-gas music.

Welcome to the pity party.

“Crazy” by Gnarles Barkley

(The original version of this song is on my playlist, but this version is hot fiyah...)

“I remember when I lost my mind...there was something so special about that phase...”

“Who do you think you are? Ha ha ha, bless your soul. You really think you’re in control?”

"Crazy." Fitting, I know.

“Liberation” by Outkast

“Can’t worry ‘bout what another n**** think, you see, now that’s liberation and baby I want it.”
Ahhhh, “Liberation.” So much to be said about this cut. So much to love about this cut. For one, it’s freaking long, nearly 9 minutes. A song this long gives you time to crawl inside of it and get lost.

Then there’s the beat; it’s cerebral. You don’t dance to “Liberation,” you vibe to it. Preferably up loud with good speakers and lots of bass. And the beat moves and morphs, taking you on a journey of chants, harmony, Erykah Badu, and poetry.

Shake that load off.

“Clocks” by Coldplay

“Clocks” has always reminded of something from a movie soundtrack (is it?). It’s intensity bodes well for those intense moments in life.

“...cursed missed opportunities. Am I part of the cure or am I part of the disease...”
Cursed missed opportunities. Sigh...

“Aquemeni” by Outkast

"Even the sun goes down, heroes eventually die Horoscopes often life and sometimes why Nothin' is for sure, nothin' is for certain, nothin' lasts forever But until they close the curtain It's him and I, Aquemini"

Another cut from the Aquemini album. Just an awesome album all around.

“King of Sorrow” by Sade

"I'm crying everyone's tears. I have already paid for all my future sins."

"Just another day...nothing's any good."

“Krazy” by Tupac

“A million things run through my mind...you ain’t gotta be in jail to be doing time.”

"Krazy," another aptly titled song for the "Crazy" playlist, is one of my favorite Tupac songs. From the Makaveli album, this pensive song is unknown by most because it wasn't released as a single, thus saving it from the gift and curse of radio airplay.

“Hold Ya Head” by Tupac

Another song about just trying to get through life...

“Falling” by Jay-Z

"I know I shouldn't have did that, I know it's gone come right back."
Lyrically, "Falling" relates to the events that lead to the downfall of 1970s drug lord Frank Lucas as depicted in the movie American Gangster. For me, it resonates with any moment that ends with, "What the heck was I thinking?"

“Spaceship”by Kanye West

"I been working this grave shift, and I made s***
I wish I could find me a spaceship and fly, past the sky."

I fell in love with this song from Kanye West's debut album College Dropout when I was working waiting tables at Ruby Tuesday. After my shift I'd jump in my hoopty, locate this track, and blast it on repeat all the way home.

"In the mall 'till 12 when my schedule had said 9..."

Don't you feel better now?

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