Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Motto

I wrote an article a few weeks ago for a magazine in which I asked three professional women about their words of wisdom for success. Actually, the way I phrased it, with Drake's voice in my head rapping to a heavy bass line was: What's your motto?

You know, what do you tell yourself in the low moments when you're not feeling the love or the motivation?

Listening to those women share their thoughts on the subject got me to thinking about mine, my motto. Well there are several lil' jewels I pluck out of my purse for various occasions. For the past few months though, there has been one “motto” that has come in handy in this particular phase of my life. And it's not really a motto at all, it's a gesture.

As shared in “Relocating: The Thrill and the Fear of the Ride,” I've got a new gig in a new city. And as also stated in that post, the new gig has a Daytona 500-like learning curve. But I am learning. And I'm growing more knowledgeable every day.

But there have been some anxious, challenging moments along the way – moments in which I could've done better...and moments in which I expected better of others.

In those moments, when no one is around, I take a deep breath, raise my right hand to my left shoulder – and brush the dirt off.

The physical nature of this action – coupled with picturing the issue or the hurtful words fly away like dandruff – helps to make it all good...