Friday, February 8, 2013

Set Me Free, Why Don't Cha Babe: Lost in the Remnants of a Relationship

His ex-fiancee calls every day.

"She thinks of me as her best friend," he said. So much of a best friend, I guess, that she regales him with tales of hooking up with other guys.

"Something's up with that," I said to my friend. "There's more to her telling you all her business than friendship."

The question of whether men and women can just be friends is as old as questioning the meaning of life. I believe you can communicate with an ex, keep in touch, and really just be cool...but every day? I mean, what's she really doing?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

A Lesson Learned from Beyonce on Inauguration Day

By now, you're aware that Beyonce showcased a flawless rendition of the National Anthem during President Barack Obama's second inauguration a few weeks ago. I'm not even a fan of hers, but was so impressed I felt compelled to Tweet  my accolades.

 "Nice job, Bey."

Then it came out that Beyonce was actually lip-syncing. Her reasoning? She's a perfectionist and did not have an opportunity to rehearse with the band, so she opted for a track. I took to Twitter with my reaction on this as well:

"I would've preferred a less-than-perfect version sung live than a perfect-sounding track #anthem"
I can overlook a missed note here, a little raspiness there...for the sake of realness.  Authenticity. And even on her worse day -- no rehearsal, in the snow, fighting the flu -- that girl can surely still sing better than me and 75% of the world.

So yeah, needless to say, I've been pretty critical of the situation. But I just realized I've been doing the same thing for which I criticized Beyonce.