Sunday, April 21, 2013

Obsession -- A Good Thing?

I’ve started counting calories. The last time I took this ugly route was somewhere in the 90s when you had to look up spaghetti and almonds in those little books by the cash register, a far cry from the nifty smartphone app I have now.

The venture is still too new to tell how it will turn out, but I will say that it’s got me thinking much harder and more often about what’s on my plate than I’ve ever cared to before. Calorie counting has never been a viable option for me for one main reason – I staunchly opposed being so fanatical about food that I’m analyzing every tablespoon of coffee creamer or ¼ slice of Muenster. It required too much energy, energy that would be better served elsewhere.

 So, I’ve opted for lifestyle choices. Stay away from white bread, sugar, potatoes, and rice. Limit fried foods and sweets. Don’t drink soda or juice.

Then one day, I asked myself a magical question: How’s that been working for you?