Friday, July 12, 2013

Waiting for Something Better to Come Along

I have a weird sixth sense when I'm in "Explorer Mode." On any given evening or weekend, I get a hankerin' to check out some food I've never tasted (NO CHAINZ!), some live music, or some other moment-making experience. I'm usually alone when this feeling strikes, which is ideal. I can cater to my funky whims and gas burning without dissension.

On many occasions, I've entered a spot, looked around, listened, inhaled, perused the menu while standing at the hostess stand - and walked out. Something was off -- no good seats at the bar to slide into and enjoy a solo meal, a cliquish crowd, nothing tantalizing on the menu.

Sometimes, I really can't put my finger on it, but it's just off.

And so, I get back in my car and drive some more, searching for whatever it is I need to scratch the itch of the moment. It might be a slow night of karaoke at "Dirty Chucks" among friendly revelers, a dim corner in The Fox, or an art gallery event in Ybor City. But I know it when I find it. Because when I find it, it's like...oh yeah. This. Is. It.

Yet, there have been times when the search has taken too long. There have been times, after driving or walking around in circles for two or three hours, longing for that one special thing, that I've pulled into the Burger King drive-through with grumbling stomach, waving my white flag. Or, I returned home to my DVDs, because I couldn't find anything...magical.

But you know what? That chicken sandwich did what it had to do and I fell asleep during Love Jones. I was alright.

In those moments, I was searching for something awesome and memorable and ended up settling. And I was alright.

Can it go down like this... in love?


Anonymous said...

I've always heard never settle in love. But you know alot of people are using that 80/20 rule thing.

Me said...

Yeah, that 80/20 is something to think about. I don't some point it's like, how long are you going to wait?

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