Sunday, August 25, 2013

When Trying Too Hard Goes Wrong

I participate in a couple of online professional forums in which people discuss industry issues, congratulate those moving to new opportunities, and ask advice about challenges they're facing on the job.

I don't keep up with the forum posts and responses every day. Yet, even with sometimey browsing, one can't help but notice a dude who we'll call Arthur. Arthur always has a question. Arthur always has a statement. Arthur is affiliated with every social media site in existence and all of those accounts are listed beneath his signature. And for the record, Arthur is not admin, a person whose job it is to keep content fresh on the forum, and Arthur isn't on a board of some sorts.

Before I knew it, I found myself sighing and rolling my eyes whenever I saw yet another post by Arthur. I even asked a friend who is also a part of the forum if he knows about Arthur. He sighed too.

My immediate thought every time I saw one of Arthur's post was, "This guy is trying too hard." 

We've all probably had this thought at one time or another about someone's actions. But what is it that they're really doing wrong? Why do we fault people for being completely engaged, all in, dedicated, and enthusiastic? What's the problem with that? In true Delect Connect form, I need to explore.