Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lock Screen Motivation: Keep Calm and DO YOU

This graphic has been on my phone’s lock screen for a couple months now. The crazy thing is, I added the photo with “Keep Calm and Do You,” but forgot to remove the personal message, “Stay focused,” that was already in there. What occurred was what Bob Ross might call a happy accident:

Stay focused
Keep Calm

I LOVE the way it turned out…creating an even more powerful mantra for me.  The need to see this particular message throughout the day at this moment in my life has to do with my workplace. “Stay focused” reminds me to keep my eyes on the prize. I found myself ruminating on the pettiness of things going on around me. I’d sit and stew over something that was said or done, long after I’d left the office for the day. I had to remember I’m working on bigger things, so don’t get caught up in the minutiae.

Keep Calm – Wooooo saaaaah! Let me be clear, I’m not miserable at my job. I’ve been miserable at a job before, and this is not the case. But, oh the frustration! It’s just been difficult to be a part of something that isn’t working well, has not worked well, and not being able to say or do anything about it.  And after three years, my emotions are percolating right below the surface. I have to pray and KEEP CALM.

DO YOU – This piece is about doing what I need to do for self. It’s being unapologetic about what I want and need in my life. What matters to me doesn’t matter to everyone else. What doesn’t matter to me might mean the world to a large percentage of the population. What I want doesn’t look like what you want. And that’s okay. So seeing “DO YOU” daily helps me to be confident about my own journey – despite the status quo or popular opinion.  

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