Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lock Screen Motivation: Smile and Nod

The need for my current lock screen came as a result of my tolerance for listening to yet another empty declaration or excuse reaching a dangerously low level.

Yes, it’s a work thing. I find workplace dynamics -- primarily in a dysfunctional workplace – to be the object of fascination. There are few situations like it.  Everything else you do in life, you have the ability to offer ideas, opinions, insight. Yes, there are leaders, but you can vote them out. Or you can leave that church or organization with little impact to your bank account. 

In a relationship, sure, you have to sit and listen to venting and griping and complaining at times, but you have the right, indeed the duty, to pull your significant other to the carpet when he or she is out of line or being a hypocrite.

But what about when it’s your boss that’s being a hypocrite or out of line?