Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lock Screen Motivation: Smile and Nod

The need for my current lock screen came as a result of my tolerance for listening to yet another empty declaration or excuse reaching a dangerously low level.

Yes, it’s a work thing. I find workplace dynamics -- primarily in a dysfunctional workplace – to be the object of fascination. There are few situations like it.  Everything else you do in life, you have the ability to offer ideas, opinions, insight. Yes, there are leaders, but you can vote them out. Or you can leave that church or organization with little impact to your bank account. 

In a relationship, sure, you have to sit and listen to venting and griping and complaining at times, but you have the right, indeed the duty, to pull your significant other to the carpet when he or she is out of line or being a hypocrite.

But what about when it’s your boss that’s being a hypocrite or out of line? 

The workplace is one of the few places where you have to swallow the natural instinct to point out the nonsensical. If you wish to remain in good standing while you’re working on your exit strategy, you have to figure out what to do with your face when they tell you 2+2=17.

For me, it’s not about trying to correct someone or set anybody straight. It’s about being in a situation where your boss is talking to you about a project or the processes, and if you were sitting across from anyone else, you’d bring up some great observations that are worthy of consideration. In fact, the points you could bring up could lead to a whole new direction for this company. But this is not an open dialogue. This is not what they want from you…critical thinking.

And so, I began my search for a message I could reference throughout the day to address this predicament. Quite a few resonated:

I liked these, but didn’t want to taint this pulse of motivation I was seeking with snarkiness or snootiness, or even anger – no matter how justified. And that’s when I found my long-time crush, Capt. Jean-Luc Picard.

This meme encourages me to laugh at the idiocy. It’s light hearted and fitting. My management is not mean or evil or stupid. They are actually nice people. It’s just that they are in leadership positions when leading is not their strongpoint. They are good at many things, but managing people isn’t one of them.

Capt. Picard reminds me to be quiet and let them do what they do. We know it’s crazy talk, but we’re not going to allow ourselves to be dragged into their illogical abyss or volunteer for a ride on Pointless Parkway. Just smile and nod so as not to prolong your exposure to the rays of absurdity.  


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